Movie-set bright and shiny in black and white with red accents, whimsical tile murals and Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling, &Made is escapist fun, a Yankee burger-and-fries joint re-imagined with European sensibility. The house wines are better quality (and value for money) than you see in most supposedly “fine” dining establishments in Singapore—Delamotte Champagne magnums at $156, enough said.

We’ve already told you about our love for the buckwheat Greek “toastoo” (one of our top 50 Things to Eat Before You Die), but don’t bother ( also skip the not-that-special desserts) if it means you won’t have room for a burger.

They’re excellent but will appeal more to diners who appreciate a gourmet approach—aged meats, sauces (including “ketchup”) from scratch, squishy buns—than burger experts. The “standard” B Burger with beef, onion confit, Comte cheese and a zesty sauce ($19) is our favorite for its purity of flavors, but the spicy lamb ($25), seasoned with coriander and curried raisins, and Japanese-leaning The 3 Little Pigs ($23) are pretty awesome, too.

In fact, our only less-than-perfect experience at &Made was an early dinner in a near-empty restaurant when the staff seemed a big sluggish and the food not quite up to scratch. No doubt standards are higher when M. Ménard is present; look for him greeting diners out front if you want to be sure.

Eat this at &Made: Greek toastoo. It’s one of I-S Magazine’s 50 things to eat in Singapore before you die (2012). Looking for a primo drink? Try Delamotte Champagne. Fine creamy bubbles and a well-balanced apple-pear flavor make this our favorite sparkler.