The Mast

The hype: A subsidiary of Rome-born cheese business Mozzarella & Co., The Mast was brought in by the entrepreneurial sibling-duo behind Skyve Wine Bistro. And like its parent establishment back in Italy, it’s dedicated to creating and serving the perfect mozzarella—along with other authentic Italian cheeses, made right on the premises.

The vibe: The snug bistro sits directly opposite Amoy Street Food Centre, in a brightly lit space in the shiny new Frasers Tower. A full-length glass window lets you peer right into the mozzarella-making process.

The food: In a matter of mere minutes the restaurant’s prized cheese machine churns out fresh mozzarella balls to be hand-stretched and shaped—these will wind up being the base for all the cheese dishes on the sizable menu. Whether you’re there for a quick snack or a full-blown mozza meal, the Tris Di Bufala ($28) is a must: the platter of burrata, mozzarella and special burrata gives a comprehensive taster to The Mast’s best products; and the truffle-infused special burrata is truly divine.

Also good for truffle lovers are the Crostini E Fungi ($12-$16)—bite-sized bruschetta spread with the creamiest stracciatella and mushrooms—and Mortadella Schiacciata ($18), otherwise known as the sexiest ham & cheese you will ever eat in your life. The Mast also takes care to do more everyday dishes that incorporate their exquisite homemade cheeses, like the Campano Burger ($22), an easy lunchtime fave for its Black Angus patty and buffalo mozzarella. That or the Bigoli Pasta ($20), a tomato-based, carb-heavy pasta dish topped with stracciatella—which we’re henceforth declaring the best of all the cheeses at The Mast.

Dessert is no less sumptuous an affair (the duo’s Group Chef Jachin Tan is after all a pastry chef). No cheese here, but you do get a frozen sponge cake with black cherry in the Zuccotto Amarena ($12); or the Tartufo Bianco ($12) coffee ice cream if you want something light after all that richness.

The drinks: Enjoy an Italian draught beer with the Peroni Nastro Azzurro ($9-$14), or a classic aperitivo ranging from Limoncello ($10) to a Crema Cioccolata Aglianico ($10) to whet your appetite. There’s also a small selection of classic Italian cocktails and wines by the bottle if you intend on making a night out of it.

Why you’ll be back: With an entire restaurant dedicated to crafting Italian mozzarella (and at such pocket-friendly prices), you can bet it’s going to become your go-to the next time you’re craving fresh cheese. There are also affordable two- and three-course set lunches for the working crowd nearby. Plus, the menu is so large it’ll require a few trips down to conquer the entire thing.