Maxi Mango

Not many countries produce mangoes as fragrant and delightfully juicy as the ones from the Philippines. Perhaps that’s why Maxi Mango, known for their snaking long queues back home, manages to set itself apart from other mango-based dessert offerings.

The brand’s kiosk at the basement of Capitol Piazza is where Maxi Mango dishes out cups of mango soft serve for Singaporeans looking to escape the heat. The items are kept simple, with only a line-up of five soft serves and two from its Shake Series.

To taste the treat in its most stripped-down form, go for the Maxi Mango, which consists of the mango-infused star component that is the velvet-smooth soft serve, piled high and scattered with luscious cubes of mangoes, air-flown from the Philippines. There is also a Singapore-exclusive dessert, the Mango Coconut, that further garnishes the ice cream with fleshy bits of coconuts for the ultimate tropical treat.

, Maxi Mango

Also on the menu is the graham cracker-lined Mango Graham, while a rather peculiar combination of mangoes and cheddar cheese can be found with the Mango Keso. The Mango Ube meanwhile, sees a blanket of purple yam puree set amidst the bright yellow ice cream. All soft serves are tagged at $4.90 for an 8 ounce cup and $6.90 for 12 ounces.

There are also the the ice blended shakes ($6.90) that make for decadent treats that are good for sipping your dessert on-the-go. Take your pick between the traditional Mango Shake and the textured Mango Graham Shake.