MeatLiquor SIN

The buzz: A popular London burger and cocktail joint opens its doors in the hip Duxton Road, taking over the space formerly occupied by Life is Beautiful.

The vibe: The space is now grungy-cool: technicolored murals, neon signs and heavy wooden tables scrawled with faux-poetic quotes, all to a soundtrack of old school hip hop and electro funk.

The food: It’s great, messy drunk food, with most burgers under $20. Get the buffalo chicken cheeseburger ($19) stuffed with a deep-fried chicken fillet, cheese and red onions, or our fave, the Dead Hippie ($22), their take on a Big Mac. Sides include sambal fries ($10) slathered in a house sauce and topped with fried egg and crispy shallots; buffalo wings ($15); and a crispy soft shell crab ($14) with Cajun spices.

The drinks: The tropical-themed libations pack an alcoholic kick. The cocktail list comprises Singapore exclusives and London hits like the Duxton Fizz ($25) with vodka, pear and strawberry, and the super potent House Grog Slushy ($24), a mix of rums, spirits and fruits.

Why you’ll be back: Cheap burgers, great drinks, amazing atmosphere that’s open until late night. Enough said.