MELT ~ The World Café

We just had to check out this addition to Singapore’s mega-buffet scene. The door staff at The Oriental’s Melt greeted us very professionally and showed us to our table. Throughout the night the service was exemplary, and the food was generally satisfactory though not consistently excellent. Our drinks orders were taken promptly and we dived into the dinner buffet.

To start, we zeroed in on the sushi and sashimi counter, which was relatively small but filled with good stuff. Various types of sashimi, sushi and hand rolls were on offer in suitably generous portions. The chilled seafood was fresh and tasty, the giant prawns were sweet and cooked just right, and the lobster was tender and fleshy.

Of the mains, the north Indian dishes were the best. Creamy dhal accompanied a hearty vegetable curry, and the chicken korma was deliciously full flavored with a hint of sweetness. The fish curry was slightly too spicy, and the chicken tikka was delectable. In contrast, the Chinese section was more average. While the chap chye (vegetable stew) was acceptable, the fried baby squid was soggy and limp, quite a ways from the crispy crunchy dish it should be. Western selections were decent with the usual array of sautéed potatoes and vegetables, and pleasing grilled meats.

After every course, our plates and cutlery were changed at the right time, and wait staff were available without being intrusive.

Most of the desserts were very good. By far, our favorite was the peach clafouti with vanilla sauce, with the crème brulee a close second. But the fruit shots in jelly paled in comparison. The raspberries were too sour, the mandarin slices lacked taste, and the jelly was a bit bitter.

A nice surprise came at the end. A server overheard us pointing out cut fruit which we liked, and before we knew it, a platter arrived at our table. The same server also obliged our request for a second platter, and cheerily thanked us for our patronage when we left as satisfied customers.