The Merry Men | Robertson Quay

Hungry and caught in the clinically sterile condo section of Robertson Quay, we began to lose hope of finding something decent to eat. Fortunately, we soon found The Merry Men and the young, zippy service staff had us seated, with appetizers before us, on our rustic wooden tables in double-quick time. As a crowd of yuppies yelled, “Ta! Ta! Ta!” behind us in an impromptu drinking competition, we polished off a voluminous basket of shoestring truffle fries served with mayonnaise; once you start on them, you can’t stop. We also had breaded button mushrooms, which were both crispy and succulent, and a bowl of fairly ordinary clams in white wine. Sipping on a happy hour-priced sangria and a half-pint of Pure Blonde, we dug into our mains; fish and fries and bangers and “mashrooms”. The former was a hearty serving of two battered dory fillets, with coleslaw and more fries, and the latter was a gourmet, mushroom-laden take on the classic English dish. Nothing makes your mouth water (literally) more than mashed potatoes prepared the right way. There’s something very Australian about The Merry Men. Not just with the beers they have on tap or the general feel of the menu, but with serving sizes and presentation. Sticking to the form they had established, the crème brulée and tiramisu were among the biggest desserts we’ve ever had (not counting fondue sessions of course). The crème brulée could have done with a stronger vanilla flavor, but its crunchy caramelized sugar crust made up for it. The tiramisu was classic; creamy mascarpone cheese matched with light, firm sponge complemented by an unconventional drizzle of lemon sauce on the side. Good food, excellent service and, to our surprise, no GST or service charge added to the bill. We love it when an establishment keeps it real. If you’re lucky, there are about 10 parking spots at Robertson Blue. If not, your best bet is Mohamed Sultan Road. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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