Mimolette Restaurant & Bar

If you like the pastoral feel of places like Dempsey and Rochester Park, then you’ll love Mimolette. Dining here, you can almost pretend you are out in the English countryside, except there are no goats or sheep. The restaurant is small and intimate, so it is a good idea to make reservations even on weekdays. The glass paneled indoor area is warmly lit with chandeliers, creating an air of understated elegance. The menu is not very inventive, however, and consists of standard modern European dishes like pan seared foie gras, pork rack and duck confit. Save the duck confit which was nice and crisp on the outside but tender and chewy on the inside, the other two items were average with foie gras not firm or tasty enough. However, we enjoyed the rustic tranquility of the place so much that we felt compelled to order more drinks and sit around to soak it all in.