The hype: Like its name that takes after the rare phenomena of a lunar rainbow, Moonbow gleams as the much-welcomed addition to Dempsey Hill’s vibrant dining enclave. In the spacious, elegant restaurant, indulge in modern European eats, all a demonstration of chef Heman Tan’s expertise of combining Asian ingredients and Western cooking techniques.

The vibe: Thanks to its sprawling 4,500 sq ft venue, the dining area is a spacious one decked out in blush and champagne hues. Feel free to take a seat indoors, or lounge out on the alfresco patio which faces nearby shops and restaurants within the vicinity.

The food: The menu at Moonbow is more fun than one might expect given the elegant setting. But we’re not complaining.

, Moonbow

The Moonbow Oyster Bay ($10/piece), for instance, features Ice Smoke Fine de Claire Oysters topped with yuzu gel, cucumber pearl and yuzu granita. Try the accompanying oyster leaf first, then savour the citrusy shellfish. Don’t forget to whip out your phones on time to get a clip of the Insta-worthy dry ice effect too. 

These rich yet refreshing small plates serve as solid dishes to whet the appetite for generous mains. Speaking of which, the Tantalising European Plates section offers the Tomahawk de Swine ($68) as an untrimmed tomahawk chop aged for four days before being served with roasted garlic, caramelised lime, pineapple compote and a homemade BBQ glaze.

, Moonbow

There is also the Fermented Red Yeast Wine ($38) which comprises fermented red glutinous rice wine, Filet de Barramundi and oyster mushrooms.

Meanwhile, the Black Berry 4-Grain Healthy Rice blends four different grains to accompany a roasted pork jowl “Ton Toro” ($38) or Impossible meat patties ($28). Both are an elevated take on healthy, homemade recipes.

Finally, all the dishes are plated on delicate and refined ceramic tableware designed by the artistically-inclined chef himself. Feast your eyes upon the unique, colourful plates as you tuck into all the tasty options available.

The drinks: You’ll have the opportunity to try a couple of cocktails which are Moonbow’s very own twists on classic tipples. That includes the Beet the Beat ($20), featuring Espolon Blanco, Cointreau, lime, sugar syrup and balsamic beetroot paint, and the Italian Connexion ($20), a citrusy creation combining Botanist Gin, lemon, honey, orange bitters and bubbles.

Why you’ll be back: Modern European cuisine is not often comforting or hearty, but chef Heman Tan manages to cater to the local taste buds having cooked for ages. Consider visiting the restaurant on your day off too, as their wallet-friendly weekday lunch sets are best enjoyed out on the patio, where sunlight and breeze are always in abundance.