Mozzaic Restaurant

Frankly, we were pretty skeptical about the ability of one restaurant to do three very different types of cuisine well. Because of this, we had expected a more casual atmosphere, and were surprised to see white tablecloths and formal dinner service. The menu appeared to be a bizarre concoction of pastas, paellas, seafood and meats, so in the end we opted for the Brazilian churrasco and the Mozzaic dinner set. The churrasco came with an unlimited salad bar, which was wheeled to the table, and comprised a basic selection. The seven meats, such as sausages, chicken hearts, lamb and beef, were well marinated and perfectly cooked, with a smoky flavor. We found the passadors helpful without being too intrusive. Unfortunately, the set meals were not well timed, so whilst the churrasco was completed early on, the Mozzaic set seemed to stretch on well after one of us had finished eating. The set’s opening course of orange mousse with sea urchin and caviar was a courageous attempt at culinary creativity. It was interesting, but we weren’t convinced. Fortunately, the more traditional course of yellowfin, tuna and salmon sashimi was better; fresh and flavorsome. The onion soup, a strange selection considering the rest of the items in the set menu, was too sweet, something that adding salt couldn’t rectify. The tempura prawn risotto was delicious and the prawns very light. We also enjoyed the beef shabu shabu, although we were disappointed that the broth was a bit tasteless. This was all nicely concluded with a simple scoop of chocolate ice cream. Throughout our meal, the servers were prompt and helpful, and the restaurant and table settings nicely presented, so it was a shame there were very few patrons. On the whole, we were pleasantly impressed with this hybrid establishment which definitely exceeded our expectations.