The Mussel Guys Seafood and Steak Restaurant

VivoCity is one of those malls that has loads of mid-range restaurants, due to its size and family appeal. This cornily-named restaurant was one of them and we decided to try a weekend lunch.

The blue-toned, soothing interior was comfortably filled when we entered, and we had a splendid view of the harborfront.

The menu here is a surf and turf one, and the good thing is that there are loads of options. But what this place is known for is their mussels.

We ordered the steamed mussels with white wine and garlic, which were delicious—with huge, green-lipped New Zealand mussels swimming in a wonderful broth that we kept slurping up. The Surf and Turf set with mussels, prawns, calamari, fish, chicken and rice was a good deal and the portions were generous.

Everything on it was tasty—save the mussels, which had an overpowering milky taste. Even the a la pomodoro pasta was competently done and not too dry. We also loved our peanut butterscotch drink, and the mango mousse cake that was not too sour or mushy.

Service here was upbeat and cheerful too. We were pleasantly surprised and will definitely be back.