Muthu’s Curry | Reivew

Before we set off for dinner at 313, we were looking forward to savoring the new Muthu’s Flavors. Yet when we got there it was nowhere to be found. Apparently, the (newish) Flavors’ concept of plating individual meals didn’t go down so well— though apparently the branch in Dempsey is doing OK— and the management have opted to revert to the communal style of dining like that of Muthu’s Curry in Little India, where you order a la carte dishes together with rice and naan on the side. Hey no biggie. Amid a fresh, contemporary décor we tucked into some truly excellent fare. The masala prawns, were divine; a single jumbo prawn dressed in a fiery spiced curry. The tandoor mushrooms were just as tasty; paired with a mint sauce, they had the right texture to go with a smoky-sweet flavor; we also recommend the chicken tikka kebab. This is an excellent value-for-money option in the heart of Orchard.