My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden is a café-cum-bistro-cum-bar tucked away in a corner of Sculpture Square, which lies within a performing and fine arts hub. The name of this casual eatery is an apt choice, given how well shrouded this lovely enclave is from the hustle and bustle of the nearby roads. Passing through the gate, one can almost imagine what Mary Lennox must have felt when she pushed open the ivy-covered door in The Secret Garden. We were taken by the lush alfresco area, with its cobblestone paving, inviting daybeds and the sound of bamboo leaves rustling in the breeze. At nightfall, the area was aglow with warm candlelight. A perfect setting for an idyllic evening. After much marveling at the ambiance, we started to wonder what was taking the waitstaff so long to bring us the menu. Apparently, it was “counter service” (meaning that orders are taken at the counter, instead of at the table) from Fridays to Sundays. The cheery counter staff were helpful with their recommendations. Fortunately, we were not kept waiting for our starters.  Our main course—char-grilled rib eye steak—while not mind-blowing, were nicely done. We enjoyed the juicy and tender pan-seared cilantro chicken, in spite of the somewhat dry mashed potato that came with it. Anyone with a sweet tooth must try the specialty desserts. For those who prefer something less sweet, the refreshingly light tiramisu is a better choice. It could do with a stronger dose of alcohol though. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience, especially if you prefer to be away from the crowd. A secret garden indeed.