Myo Restobar

The hype: Myo is the modernized, sister restaurant of home-style Cantonese cuisine stalwart Kia Hiang. While old-timers will undoubtedly be familiar with the brand that has been around for over 40 years (and located at International Plaza till this day), the younger generation may not be aware of its legacy. That’s where Myo comes in.

The vibe: Found on the 19th floor of Oxley Tower, expect a contemporary look and feel fitting of its central CBD locale. A bar serving up craft beers on tap is the first thing you’ll notice upon entering the restaurant. And further in, a feature wall with moving gears presents itself as the perfect Insta Story op. There’s also a small outdoor terrace for catching and shooting breezes.

The food: The establishment is a chip off the old block when it comes to the food. Kia Hiang’s famed Claypot Spring Chicken ($18; $28 for organic version) is available here and tastes just as good as always. Peeling off each layer of cabbage wrapped around the chicken is utterly satisfying, and the thick gravy soaks through the entire vegetable and chicken dish, resulting in a sublime burst of flavors.

There’s also a good selection of dim sum on the menu. Besides the classics, expect interesting creations like Steamed Siu Mai with Conpoy and Black Truffle ($5.20 for three), Gold Foil Dumplings with Assorted Mushroom ($4.80 for three), and Healthy Walnut Buns ($4 for three) for some added novelty. They’re only available here and will probably be reasons why you’ll be back.

Back on the wok menu, other standout dishes include the Pork Ribs in Salted Egg Yolk Sauce ($3 each), Black Pepper Angus Ribeye Cubes ($18-$28), and the Myo Chilli Crabmeat with Buns ($14-$21). The desserts are surprisingly good too. The Young Coconut Stewed with Peach Gum & Egg White ($8), served hot, is only made upon order and needs to be eaten fresh to get the best experience.

The drinks: Cheers to the founders for having craft beers like Kona Big Wave Golden Ale available on tap, instead of you know, the more regular labels. It’s also entirely possible to head to Myo just for the drinks, and you won’t feel watched as the bar area has its own seating that is separated from the dining space via a hallway. It also helps that the outdoor terrace, though small, is located right beside the bar.

Why you’ll be back: It’s nice to see a brand like Kia Hiang seek to reinvent itself, and in the best of ways too, by not letting go of what regulars already love about it. For Myo, the new and the old marry seamlessly to good effect.