Nadai Fujisoba NI HACHI

Established in 1966, Nadai Fujisoba Ni Hachi is one of the leading soba restaurants in Japan. The first outlet in Singapore is a sleek but casual space, with luxurious purple booth seating, that presents a different dining concept from the brand’s existing ones, with dishes like kamo nabe (duck shabu-shabu) to appeal to the local palate. At the core of the kitchen’s offerings is the signature dashi broth, a blend of dried bonito and kaeshi—a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and well-aged mirin—from a recipe that has been developed over the brand’s 50-year history. Dashi aside, high quality ingredients are imported from around the world, with controlled temperature and humidity to ensure freshness—items like the all-important soba and dry bonito are from Japan, while the duck is from France.