The restaurant was full when we arrived for our mid-week lunch, but during the five minutes we were waiting at least three servers came to enquire if we needed help and then tried to find us a table. We were quickly ushered to a vacant table, and asked the server for her recommendations. We ordered our entrees and main courses, and then settled back to wait. Within 10 minutes, the recommended chukasoba arrived piping hot. Although the noodles looked more like ramen than soba, the broth was a light combination of miso and pork flavors with pork bits. The pork was perhaps a little on the fatty side, but since this added to the taste we were not too worried. As we were getting ready to tuck in, the famous tonkotsu ramen  arrived. This rich creamy broth, with delicious semi-boiled eggs, pork and noodles was well complemented by some additional corn that we ordered on the side and was very addictive: We found ourselves craving more later in the afternoon. Since we wanted our lunch to be quick rather than extended, we were non-plussed when our entrees arrived in the middle of our main courses, for they were lovely. The agedashi tofu, or deep-fried Japanese tofu, was gorgeous: Light, crispy and the accompanying sauce a little tangy without being overpowering. Similarly, the kakiage, a patty of vegetable tempura, was not too oily or heavy. Dessert was limited to one option, macha or green tea ice cream, which was sticky and sweet, but nothing out of the ordinary. Overall, the service was no frills but fast—we could easily have been in and out within 30 minutes. The restaurant had the feel of a place where business people come for a quick in-and- out feed and there were options for normal tables, private rooms or sushi bar seating to suit different guest requirements. Still, we took it for what it was: The perfect place to have a great meal without any fuss.