Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

The buzz: This is one of the latest additions in Singapore’s first eco mall, City Square Mall, which boasts one of the most unexpected locations—right in the heart of Little India—just across the road from the 24-hour hotspot Mustafa Centre.The vibe: Hot with the lunch crowd, the restaurant seats up to almost a hundred diners. Exuding a Zen vibe (surprising since the whole mall is pretty bustling), the walls and overall restaurant décor are based on interweaving bamboo basket motifs.The food: OK, really, it’s not all just about buns here. What’s especially good and interesting is the “Tang Bao” king-sized Nanxiang crab roe steamed soup bun: Imagine a giant-sized xiao long bao that comes with a straw of its own so that you can suck all its broth out before you tuck into the ingredients—pretty cool. There is also a veritable selection of noodles, tofu dishes, boiled soups, seafood and meat dishes—you know the drill.Overall: A good alternative to the many Indian-centric restaurants located around the area if you’re looking for something that’s lighter on the palette.