National Geographic Cafe

The buzz: National Geographic’s expansive store at VivoCity is a treasure trove of travel books, apparel, equipment and images that rouse visitors to spread their wings and take in all that the world has to offer. And now, it has a café.The décor: The café is situated at the store entrance, partitioned off by screens that still allow you to soak in the colors and life of the store and its patrons. You’re simultaneously part of, and apart from the crowd.The food: In keeping with the spirit of National Geographic, the food served here comes from sustainable sources. Traditional Spanish Pinchos—a range of miniature dishes, much like tapas, but bigger—are the main offerings. A must-try is the Jamón Ibérico, a cured ham unique to Spain, made only from free-range Iberian black pigs reared on an acorn diet.The drinks: Discover the wonderful world of Spanish wine, or, if it’s too early in the day, choose from a wide selection of tea, both Western and Oriental.Why you’ll be back: Given the social nature of pinchos, it is ideal for get-togethers in a setting that will drag your wanderlust out of the closet. You’ll find yourself sharing the tales of your journeys, and planning your next odyssey.