Shenzhen-born Nayuki lands in VivoCity with its first overseas outlet, in a joint venture with the BreadTalk Group. Credited with pioneering the concept of pairing premium fruit teas with soft breads in a cafe, the cheese tea bakery and cafe now has over 100 stores across China. At the Singapore outlet, a brightly lit, pastel-hued cafe space sits adjacent to the in-store bakery stocking the brand’s famous soft Euro breads.

On the menu are Nayuki’s signature fruit-based cheese teas—the Supreme Cheese Strawberry ($8.30) and Supreme Cheese Mango ($7.90) are refreshing options that accentuate the fruity flavours. For a fun complementary snack, pair the strawberry cheese tea with the Strawberry Blush Mystique ($6.80) bread, a long roll filled with lush strawberry cream and actual strawberries.

If you like your Chinese teas, order the Cheese Ali Mountain Dew ($5.50), Nayuki’s award-winning concoction marrying Alisan Mountain Dew tea and rich milk foam. You might also like the Cheese Rose Oolong ($5.50) that pairs Mountain Oolong with pink rose from Germany; or any of the aromatic cold brew teas (from $3.90 a bottle), available in Green Oolong, Golden Cicada Oolong and Frosted Cap Oolong. Traditional milk tea fans can also get their fill with bottled drinks like the Golden Mountain Black Pearl ($5.20).

At the bakery, pick up soft savoury and sweet bakes to takeaway or have in-store. We like the Dark Orea Mystique ($5.80)—a chocolatey older sister to the Strawberry Blush Mystique; Silly Choco Sesame ($3) that’s filled with sesame but dipped in chocolate; and fragrant Matcha-of-the-Ring ($4.20). Also worth trying is the MSW Durian Supreme ($7.90), exclusive to the Singapore store and surprisingly spot-on in durian taste.