Ninja Cut

The people who brought you Babette and Duxton Hill’s Ninja Bowl, which dishes up Japanese-inspired rice bowls, now have Ninja Cut among the eateries of Seah Street. As the name might suggest the focus this time is on proteins, particularly meat. The industrial-minimalist 60-seater offers plenty of hearty and healthy options.
Though the concept of Ninja Cut and Ninja Bowl are similar, the former sets itself apart by offering more premium protein options such as their roasted ribeye ($18) which is served with grilled corn, sautéed mushrooms and a mouth-watering onsen egg (do note that only 30 bowls are served per day) and grilled squid ($18), that is marinated with their secret sauce. You can also amp your already protein-heavy meal by adding white quinoa ($3). They also serve hearty brunch fare all-day, including their grilled cheese with braised beef cheeks ($18) which comes with Japanese curry and their take on the typical southern pork and grits ($18) which features pork belly cooked in aburi-style, alongside truffle polenta mash.