Nipong Naepong

From the folks behind Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, Nipong Naepong brings the Chinese-Korean jjamppong (seafood noodles) trend to Singapore.

Specializing in “ppong”, the restaurant located in Jem serves up nine variations of the dish, interpreting Nipong Naepong’s own jjolmyeon (wheat noodles) in soupy, creamy and dry versions. Jjamppong is typically served with assorted seafood in spicy broth, but here you can try fusion creations like the Vongole Ppong ($16.80), an Italian-inspired ppong coocked with white wine and garlic; or Tae ppong ($15.80), a concoction of al dente jjolmyeon stir-fried in a sweet and spicy sauce a la Phad Thai. Else, there’s the classic Cha Ppong ($15.80) that keeps things simple but spicy with mussels, squid, prawn and quail eggs.

In line with the semi-Italian theme, there’s also sweet and savory pizzas made with baked tortilla wraps. The flavors too are innovative, ranging from the Ninae Pizza-Spinach ($18.80)—baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, cream cheese and honey—to the Ni Pizza-Sweet Potato ($16.80), a pie of velvety sweet potato puree.

The decor is classically South Korean—a raw, grungy aesthetic paired with cement and brick, neon lights and steel-caged bulbs make for a young and modern vibe to match the trend food it serves.