No Signboard Seafood Restaurant

Seated beside the glass walls of this modern restaurant, we enjoyed a good view of the riverfront—accompanied by loud conversation and laughter. We liked that the waitress who took our order was attentive and efficient but not overbearing with her recommendations. In fact, service was promptly delivered without a hitch. And even better, all our food was delicious. The shark’s fin with hasima was heaven—one of the best we’ve tasted, with liberal pieces of tender shark’s fin, no hint of artificial flavoring or added corn starch, and served hot. Also well done were the beds of melt-in-your-mouth steamed beancurd and egg topped off with fresh scallop. And, of course, we sampled the famous No Signboard Seafood chili crab, which was well worth the wait—a big meaty crab swimming in a generous pool of hot sauce. We savored the sauce, pulled out whole chunks of crab meat, and enjoyed every mouthful of it. And just when we thought we could take no more, our mango sago dessert arrived—for a refreshing, sweet end to the meal. In those moments of utter bliss, we understood how this establishment grew from three white pepper crabs a day in the 1970s to a booming success today.

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