The highly anticipated fine dining brainchild of Brazilian chef Ivan Brehm, in the heart of the CBD

Nouri blends old-school fine dining with all-new concepts—"crossroads cooking", where the food highlights universal commonalities everyone can share in, and appreciating a dish comes down to something as intrinsic as your cultural upbringing. Decide for yourself whether chef-owner Ivan Brehm's Silken Cheese is an Italian panna cotta or an Asian silky tofu; regardless of your conclusion, you'll find the restaurant's thoughtfully curated list of wines a good accompaniment.

Brazilian chef Ivan Brehm’s highly anticipated venture, Nouri, is a fine dining restaurant with an all-new concept: “crossroads cooking”, or a non-specific cuisine that blends influences from cultures around the world, highlighting cross-cultural similarities in the process.

The beauty of the food at Nouri lies in how various dishes are appreciated and interpreted based on individual cultures. The Silken Cheese, for example, made from fresh milk and finished with nutmeg and lemon, resembles an Italian panna cotta, but can also be interpreted as an Asian silken tofu. Also on the menu is a street snack originating from Brehm’s native Brazil—a white pinto bean fritter called Acaraje, paired with the turmeric and coconut curry of Northern Brazil that’s also a familiar staple in rendang and Thai curries.

To go with Brehm’s intuitive menu is a wine list thoughtfully curated by Restaurant and Beverage Manager Matthew Chan. The list showcases a range of boutique producers, including Rose and Orange Wines complementing the classic Red and White selections. Nouri is open for both lunch and dinner. For the working lunch, choose a teishoku style a la carte menu, or a quick service five-course tasting menu. Dinner transforms into a more luxurious affair with two tasting menus priced at $140 for five courses and $170 for seven courses.

Venue Details
Address: Nouri, 72 Amoy St., Singapore, 069891 Singapore
Phone: 6221-4148
Area: Central, Tanjong Pagar
Cuisine: Japanese
Price Range: $ - $$$$
Open since: June, 2017
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3pm; Sat 6pm-midnight
Nearest trainTelok Ayer
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