Nude by Indochine

We were the first customers of the day, and the sleepy staff in the dimly lit restaurant ushered us to the brightest spot available. Service was attentive but slow, considering there were only three tables occupied throughout lunch. The restaurant definitely felt empty; even the famous aquarium sharks were missing. The decadent décor nevertheless put us in the mood to indulge. We ordered seafood appetizers: prawns fried with egg white and milk, and oyster and scallop. The light and fluffy egg white mash coated the prawn nicely and soaked up all the prawn gravy, giving it a light tasty flavor. The oysters and scallops were each done differently—the oysters came drenched in a creamy truffle sauce, while the scallops were wrapped in filo pastry and deep-fried. Our first main course was pan-fried lemongrass seafood shell pasta with white wine basil garlic sauce, and it came surprisingly spiced with chili padi. While the portion was generous, we found the chili padi too spicy. The roast rack of lamb was done exactly as we requested (medium rare), and had a lovely char grill finish. Looking forward to dessert, we opted for lemon sorbet with banana rum strudel. Unfortunately, the strudel was rather bland and boring. Our other dessert was rasberry parfait with chocolate tart, which came with a nice mix of flavors and textures—tangy and sweet, soft and chewy. With everything so heavily adorned and dressed up at this restaurant, we wondered why the place is named Nude. People who enjoy over-the-top décor and embellished food will find this place perfect.