OiO Frozen Yogurt

I’ve always regarded VivoCity to be one of the coldest shopping malls on our mall-infested island (next to good old Ngee Ann City of course). But if the sprawling mall is still not cold enough for you, you now have a new place to hit for some cool chills—a frozen yogurt (à la froyo) parlor. This outlet with a simple, but pretty décor may have a name that looks more like a face than a word but it’s actually pronounced “oh yo” (as in, “oh-yo-gurt!”). Which is what I was saying as I sampled the three flavors available (choose from OIO-ginal, peach or OIO-twist, a cool mix of the two. (Pomegranate people take heart—this popular flavor will be in stock next month). I don’t know about you—but I’ve always favored ice-cream instead of yogurt, which usually tastes like a poor cousin of the former to me. But OiO is a decidedly enjoyable treat. It’s smooth, flavorful and left a nice, icy feel on my tongue. The freshness was also certainly evident as I tucked happily into the generous mounds of soft, smooth yogurt (these guys procure their yogurt and milk from Australia, and the premix from Europe). Of course, don’t forget to bedeck your yogurt with over 15 choices of toppings be they dry: Fruity pebbles (I love!), granola, Oreo cookies and more; or wet: Blueberries, raspberries, Nata de Coco and more. I piled on a robust mix and it was sheer bliss! And the stuff’s healthier than ice cream too—thanks to its probiotic content (read: Live bacterial cultures) that aids digestion—is there a better excuse to binge? As for whether the yogurt craze will sweep our island proper—well, only time will tell. Available in Regular (eight-ounce) and Large (12-ounce) sizes. Belinda Wan