Ottoman Room

Brought you by the people behind Fat Prince, The Ottoman Room is hidden behind the casual kebab noshery that is accessed through a beautiful arched black and gold walkway. It follows a similar Middle Eastern theme, but with nuances of luxury in a much more intimate setting. Unlike its sister outlet, the space is painted with hues of burgundy, mahogany and gold, and furnished with leather sofas, vintage carpets and low-hanging glass lanterns which accentuate the elegance of the restaurant.

The portions of dishes here are relatively bigger so that they can be shared. Using a wood-fired earth pit (typical in Istanbul establishments), the food is grilled for eight hours to give that rich smokey and charcoal roasted flavors. Food items on the menu include their grilled fish which is served with cucumber labneh (yoghurt cheese), duck breast that’s coated with Lebanese spices, and their spiced short ribs which comes with a side of pumpkin puree.

On top of their luxury main courses, diners can expect a trolley of gastronomical Middle Eastern appetizers such as a variety of hummus infused with other ingredients, lentil soup and salmon tartare with smoked date puree and almond dukkah; all served throughout your meal.

The strong Turkish influence is extended to their cocktail menu as well, with offerings such as their Black Sea Rize, a vodka-based cocktail that has Turkish tea syrup, and their Hard Turkish Coffee which is spiked with rum.