Paradise Inn

One of the best and affordably-priced Chinese restaurants in town right now, Paradise Inn (scion of the ever-expanding Paradise Group helmed by the Chua brothers), is great for a quick, casual lunch (it’s in the CBD after all), or a more intimate dining affair with family or friends. Either way, you get fab food. We absolutely loved the double-boiled black chicken soup with ginseng with its generous serving of chicken meat and tender pork ribs. The soup was rich, thick yet fragrant—just the way it should be (but at a fraction of the price elsewhere). Our mains of braised vermicelli with seafood; imperial pork ribs; and poached Chinese spinach with egg trio in superior stock were also, well, superior. The latter, especially, was the best we’ve had in a while—and the texture of the vermicelli was soft yet tangy—braised to near perfection. We wiped everything clean off the plates and unfortunately had to skip dessert by the end. But the mains are good enough to have us coming back—we’ll definitely make room in our stomachs for desserts then.

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