Paradise Teochew

Famous for their fancy xiao long bao, homegrown restaurant company Paradise Group has added a new name to its arsenal: Paradise Teochew, now open at Scotts Square. This airy, sun-drenched branch (there’s another one on Amber Road) specializes in classic Teochew cuisine, making the 147-seater restaurant and its round banquet tables the best places to take your parents and grandparents.
Besides the traditional inclusion of seafood and poultry in Teochew cuisine, their menu features signature dishes like their chilled yellow roe crab served in Teochew style ($8 per 100grams) Teochew style braised shark’s fin in casserole ($42++ – 198) and stewed duck with yam in casserole ($68). They also offer set menus for group diners ranging from $198-258 for three to four people to $268-328 for five to six people and $468-888 for eight to ten people.