Pasta Inc

We like our meals hearty, with sizable portions of good ol’ carbs, a generous drizzle of oil and lots of rich flavors. Thankfully, this affordable hole-in-the-wall Italian joint has plenty to offer. We found ourselves on the best seats in the house—a cozy alcove in the back of the restaurant. It made us feel a bit like we were on our first date.

Things got steamier when we each had our bite of the chosen appetizers: The gamberi prawns in garlic and portobello alforno. So delicious and juicy, this paved the way for greater things to come, like the seafood spaghetti in squid ink sauce, which was unlike anything we’ve ever tasted—the confluence of savory and sweet was a refreshing change from the other pasta places. For the perfect ending to the occasion, we ordered the tiramisu which typically, had a cloying aftertaste, but was otherwise fine. The restaurant’s attentive waiting staff and calming ambiance left us wanting more—we’ll definitely be back.