Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossoms is everything you’d expect a traditional upscale Chinese restaurant to be: Oriental décor, waitresses in elegant cheongsams and a menu with lots of luxe items like abalone, shark’s fin, and lobster. It’s the kind of place you could entertain clients or your boss who’s in from out-of-town, but may be too formal for a meal with friends.

The food is pretty good, and consistently so, and the presentation beautiful. Our pumpkin soup with water chestnuts  was delicious, as were our coffee pork ribs and prawns sautéed with cashews, and spinach in broth with wolfberries.

There are far more elaborate dishes on the menu should you prefer those, but they are also on the expensive side (their Buddha Jumps Over the Wall serves 10). The service, however, was also a little jumpy, with waitresses flapping about looking lost. There weren’t many tables occupied so we wondered how they would cope if they were catering to a full house.

Still, if you need a restaurant for a business-type meal, this works fine.