Penny University

This boutique coffee house in the east side of Singapore has a lot to offer. Tuck into sweet and savory options such as Turkish eggs or poached eggs with chili butter and sourdough toast ($8), red velvet Nutella cupcakes ($4 each), sweet pies ($6.50 a slice), and cheese toasties with Marmite and poached eggs ($4.50). There’re three different types of sammiches, too: all day smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese, chicken and Maasdam cheese, and Turkey brie and cranberry sauce ($8). Try the signature cold drink, the muddy espresso—ice cold milk with a double shot of espresso poured in ($5.50). It also sells coffee by cup size (3, 5 or 7 oz.) and has regular rotating partnerships with local bakers in the vicinity—that means a baked goods lineup that’s always different and exciting.