Peperoni Pizzeria (Greenwood Ave)

Started in 2004, this is the first branch of the pizza chain by the Les Amis group. The crowds still flock to this location for the friendly service, homespun décor and consistent pies (from $19). Next door, there’s L’Estaminet, an associated bar, where you can order from Peperoni’s menu and swig from a rotating list of Belgian brews (from $12/bottle).

It's more than just dough and cheese at these gourmet pizza joints: expect lovingly hand-crafted pizzas with an imaginative array of toppings and perfectly blistered crust. Check out our top 10 pizza places.

Venue Details
Address: Peperoni Pizzeria (Greenwood Ave), 6 Greenwood Ave., Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 6465-6556
Area: West
Cuisine: Italian
Nearest trainBotanic Gardens
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