Peranakan Inn

A good old-fashioned, home-cooked meal is a convenience and pleasure that few of us get to enjoy these days. After all, between busy social calendars and work, who’s really got the time? Peranakan Inn, however, could be the solution for those starved of simple culinary pleasures.

This quaint little well-kept secret has been serving up fantastic Peranakan dishes for years now. Check out the walls, adorned with pictures of several past presidents enjoying Peranakan Inn’s makan. Nestled in a quiet spot along East Coast Road, this diminutive establishment boasts a homely—almost kampong—vibe, accentuated all the more by the welcoming staff, who treat every customer like family. 

That warm familiarity also extends to the food. Peranakan Inn offers all the traditional favorites you’ve come to know and love. The babi ponteh, a tender pork dish, is highly recommended. Likewise, the slightly spicy mix of chicken and curry that’s the buah keluak—a definite must-try. Peranakan Inn sure comes as close to real home cooking as a restaurant possibly can.

Peranakan food is one of Singapore’s favorite and most unique cuisines. Here are our recommendations for where to get Peranakan food in Singapore.