Phan Viet Deli

This small, unassuming Vietnamese cafe is one of the better Vietnamese eateries around. Run by a small team of aunties and uncles, it’s like a modern coffeeshop with DIY order slips on each table, holders with chopsticks and Oriental soup spoons. Their menu is not fancy—they do three things mainly—noodles in broth, Vietnamese sandwiches and vermicelli—and they do them well. The sandwiches  are made from thick French loaves and come with beef, grilled pork or sliced beef. The noodles come in an absolutely delicious broth, with beef slices, beef balls or brisket, and raw vegetables and herbs to toss in as is customary in Vietnamese cuisine. More choices are available with the vermicelli dishes—in addition to pork, beef and chicken, you can have fish and spring rolls with the vermicelli, which comes dry with a sweet-sour-spicy dip. They have rolls for starters too, and the “cha gio”—Vietnamese sausage roll, was lovely. There is also the wonderful Vietnamese dripped coffee which will give you a kick for the rest of your day, or sweet-salty Vietnamese plum soda if you’re not a caffeine fan. The aunties might be a little lost at times, but because the food is yummy and served fast, all is forgiven. This is a great lunch place in the CBD, and they deliver too.