Pier Eleven

The restaurant is an enormous space with funky colored chairs that look like they’re made of seatbelts and walls decorated in art, gallery-style. With such modern surrounds it was a pity that Pier Eleven lacked a bit of atmosphere (it’s ulu location might be to blame: Drive there if you can, as we found taxis to be infrequent, especially at night) but it more than made up for that with its food and service. The food really was quite exceptional and the menu refreshingly interesting. The split pea soup ($5.50) was fragrant, fresh and not too thick, while our soft shell crab ($10) came with a gorgeous light batter. Followed by a delicious and perfectly cooked foie gras ($18), tender succulent masala lamb ($18) and we were smiling from ear to ear. Even better, the service was outstanding: The staff anticipated our every need, gave us space and breathing room when we needed it, and were available whenever we wanted them. We’ll be back.