Part of Caprice Holdings’ dining emporia at Rochester Terrace, Pinchos features delightful Mediterranean tapas amid a leafy, rustic ambiance. The menu comprises a variety of quality platters that are perfect for sharing—which means you can try more than 10 dishes at any one time without bursting your buttons. We love the Manchego cheese—chewy triangles of fried sheep’s cheese with a crusty outer layer, as well as the ultra-juicy and tender beef teriyaki served with shabu-shabu sauce. Another must-try is the prawns in olive oil, garlic and dried hot chili peppers, which are crunchy, mildly spicy and delicious. Wine connoisseurs will also be satiated with its collection of Old and New-world wines (over 300 varieties) such as the La Chapelle and Vega Sicilia in its walk-in wine cave.