Platform 1094

While cutesy themed cafes are usually novel and serve food often described as “It’s alright”, Platform 1094 (similar to, but not to be confused with Platform 9¾ in the Harry Potter series) is possible one of the more exciting ones to open in Singapore (they crept in with much less fanfare and at a less glamorous location). It even caught the attention of popular sites The LAD BibleRefinery29 and Lonely Planet.

This “wizard-themed” cafe has a lot of touches remisncent to the popular Harry Potter series. For starters, the entire restaurant looks like a better lit, smaller version of the Three Broomsticks pub, woodworks, overhead lighting, tabletop candles and all. The leather chairs also have stag motifs of them (which you’ll no doubt recall is Harry’s Patronus charm). But what really takes the cake here is their signature drink, which the Internet went crazy over. Named the Goblet of Fire ($15), the cocktail is a concoction of blue Curacao liqueur and lime juice. When you order it, a staff will come over with a small measure of Bacardi 151, torch it and pour it into the drink. While the flame is still burning, cinnamon powder is sprinkled on top to give that same effect you see in the films. It sounds really gimmicky, but if you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, then it’s a big deal.

Food-wise, it’s a little less magical. With dishes like pesto mayo pork ribs ($22), schnitzel sous-vide duck breast ($19) and crab meat aglio e olio ($17), you’ll be full before you can cast your next spell. Just make sure you make a reservation by calling or emailing them before heading down. Also, they’ve provided hats and wands if you’re too lazy to bring your own.