Poke Doke

By now, you should’ve already heard what the fuss is behind poke bowls. They’re basically a staple in Hawaii and caught on in the states. In essence, poke bowls are traditionally a Hawaiian raw fish salad. And like most food trends around the world, the poke bowl only caught on with Singaporeans just last year, with the massive onslaught of poke joints popping up, mostly in the CBD area. Poke Doke is one of them.

Like most poke restaurants, the menu focuses solely on their standard bowls of Norwegian salmon, Ahi tuna (yellowfin) and shiitake tofu for vegetarians. But if you’re still new to this whole healthy eating gig, try the Poke Doke Signature ($14), which will give you a bowl of a mix of white and brown rice, packed with all the good stuff your body (and palate) needs from the salmon poke, onsen egg, flying fish roe, almonds and more. Alternatively, the Umi Japanese bowl ($15.50) has a bit more flavor, with the additional wasabi, Japanese horseradish and mayonnaise.

But if you’re already a pro and know what exactly you want, go ahead and customize a bowl for yourself. A regular bowl ($12.50) gets you a single scoop of poke and four different topics. Choose from white, brown or mixed rice, salad or soba, and toppings ($0.50 each) like jalapenos, golden raisins, and walnuts, while premium ones like crispy fish skin and seasoned jellyfish go for $1.50. Wash it down with some Coco Loco ($4.90) or the various types of cold-press fruit juices by Fresh Fruit Lab ($5.90), like the Aunty Oxidant, which is made using carrots, apples, oranges and ginger. There’s also the Three To Tango and Zesty Greens.