The Port Bar and Grill

The ground floor of this establishment looked a little dodgy, but thankfully, the restaurant was located on the second floor. We were served by a waiter who didn’t understand a word of English. The menu was a messy gaggle of Western dishes like pasta and grilled seafood and local stir friend dishes like kangkong belachan and horfun. With its very Western sounding name, we decided to order the bacon and chicken carbonara and braised Australian lamb shank. The carbonara was too watery and we wanted some bread to dip into the sauce, but lo and behold, they serve no bread—an outrageous faux pas for a menu that includes creamy soups. The lamb shank was edible but had not much aroma nor flavor. The upside is that it stays open till 4am which makes it a good place to drop by when you’ve been boozing and are ravenous.