The Prime Society

The interior and lighting here was very festive and the high ceilings gave it an air of regality. But the food and the service was a complete letdown. The waiter forgot about our request to halve our burger and also forgot our drink order. The food took a really long time to arrive and the standard certainly did not make up for the long waiting time.

The waiter recommended the Daffy delight—a burger consisting of duck breast, foie gras and pancetta. The duck was so tough and rubbery that we finished less than half of it. He also told us that the seafood platter would be big enough for two. It was tiny and not terribly fresh or sweet.

The fillet mignon was not too bad, but we’ve had much better elsewhere and the bérnaise sauce was bland. We did like our fries though. By the end of the meal, we agreed that there is definitely something wrong with a high-end restaurant when the best part of your meal is the fries.

We proceeded elsewhere for dessert.