Prosperity Kitchen

With Hong Kong teahouses a hot favorite for some time already, Prosperity Kitchen is the latest notable addition on this bandwagon—albeit with mixed results. Located rather uncharacteristically in the Mohamed Sultan stretch of bars and restaurants, Prosperity Kitchen offers the typical Hong Kong teahouse menu—Chinese starters, mains, noodles and congee; Cantonese specials and Asian versions of Western dishes and toasted snacks that a teahouse usually offers (such as condensed milk on toast). It’s all in a slightly nicer setting than your average teahouse, but of course, at a higher price. The service though is not much better than average. With the exception of the guy in charge who made the effort to be polite, the other servers were blunt and cursory, though fast. Nor was the food above average, although that’s not to say some of it wasn’t good. Far from it—our chicken wings starter was yummy if a bit undercooked, the crab meat soup was delicious, and the shrimp wanton noodles was really tasty with juicy, fresh wantons. The restaurant is proud of its Cantonese specials which we found OK but not great—our chicken feet and peanut soup was quite nice, but our longan and wolfberry soup dessert was pretty bland. The drinks were lovely though; with our hot honey with lemon; lemon soda with pomelo; and cookie mocha (milk coffee with ice cream and cookies) all scoring top points. Would we drop by again? If we were in the neighborhood we probably would, but we wouldn’t go out of our way to get here, unless the restaurant ups its game a little bit.