PS.Cafe by the Sea

The hype: Local cafe icon PS.Cafe opens its eighth but first location in the East, dishing out exclusive seafood mains inspired by its tranquil waterfront space.

The vibe: With both an indoor and al fresco dining area for patrons to lounge around, PS.Cafe by the Sea at the popular East side beach park destination is a quaint, standalone restaurant surrounded by lush foliage. The diner in the well-refurbished Cyclist Park remains unmissable largely due to its strong resemblance to the brand’s other outlets with the same, signature minimalist and monochromatic decor and details.

The food: Don’t give in to temptation and order truffle shoestring fries when you’re here. Instead, make room for delectable seafood dishes like the Lemongrass Mussel & Clam Spaghettini ($29.50), a Thai-inspired pasta bursting with flavour thanks to a robust broth. While the shellfish make for great toppings, it’s the portobello mushrooms—they soak up much of the savoury soup—that truly shines in this dish.

, PS.Cafe by the Sea
Chorizo & Calamari Stew

Meanwhile, the Chorizo & Calamari Stew ($30) will surprise you with its unlikely but tasty pairing of seafood and pork, which results in a hearty pot of tender squid and spicy sausage; served with breadsticks, garlic bread slices and black garlic aioli.

And fans of soft-shelled crab as well as chilli crab will be satisfied with the Singapore Chilli Crab & Prawns ($32), that offers soft-shelled crab, grilled tiger prawns and fried mantou pieces to be enjoyed alongside a thick and piquant bowl of chilli crab dip.

The drinks: Like most PS.Cafe outlets, find espresso-based beverages like lattes and cappuccinos ($6.50). But if that’s too basic for your taste, try the Honey Milk Latte ($7), a sweet and creamy pick-me-up. Otherwise, the PS. Iced Teas ($8-$9.50) make great thirst-quenchers too.

Why you’ll be back: There’s always been something about PS.Cafe that keeps us coming back for more, and we’re not talking about the fries doused in their truffle elixir. Drop by this beachfront diner that presents exclusives which separates them from their other outlets, and making them worthy of multiple visits even if you’ve been to other branches before.