The Queen & Mangosteen | Review

OK, so we know that the British invented the pub but a “British gourmet pub”? This we had to see. Created by the same people who brought us The Pump Room and Highlander Bar, the quirkily named pub has all the hallmarks of a typical British pub, albeit with a stiffer upper lip.

We arrived one weekend for dinner and proceeded to sit alfresco to soak in the balmy sea breeze and views of the bay. If you’re here for a drink, we recommend you plant yourself at the sea‑facing bar. Food‑wise, don’t expect to find any purple fruit here.

There’s a special three‑course Sunday Roast set menu on offer and we decided to have a go at one and order a la carte as well. For the set menu, the starter for the day was cream of carrot and orange soup with shrimps. Rich, hearty and creamy, it far exceeded our expectations, but the main course of roasted prime rib‑eye (although generously portioned) was quite a letdown. Served with brown sauce, roasted potatoes and vegetables, the steak was lackluster—we’d tasted better elsewhere. But what saved the set was the dessert of lemon cheesecake with berries compote. Creamy yet not too heavy and with just the right amount of tang from the lemon, it paired very well with berries compote, which made up for the disappointing main.

As for our à la carte orders, the pint of chilled prawns with Marie Rose dip for starters was pretty good. We lapped up, quickly enough, this updated shrimp cocktail presented in an old‑fashioned beer mug and served with a tangy Marie Rose dip. The other main, the Scottish breaded scampi with peas and chips, tasted pretty decent despite the fact there were more breadcrumbs than scampi; but the generous portion made up for it. We ended our meal with Cambridge burnt cream, a.k.a. crème brûlée. Exquisite and irresistible, it certainly scored top marks in our books.

Of course, we had to quaff down the refreshing Pimms & Lemonade–a classic British summer staple which had just the right amount of fizz and kick. If you’re in VivoCity and looking for a place to kick back in, The Queen & Mangosteen’s the place.

When the weather is good, eating outside can be a truly enjoyable dining experience. These joints with charming open air areas are just the place to dine on breezy evenings.