Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King - Matsuri

Tonkotsu-based ramen dishes with a twist. 

As the sixth Ramen Keisuke outlet, this matsuri (Japanese for festival or festivities) themed ramen house serves up predominantly tonkotsu-based (pork bone broth) ramens with a twist. They also have a few rice dishes for those who don't fancy noodles.

This matsuri (Japanese for festival or festivities) themed ramen house is the sixth Ramen Keisuke outlet in Singapore. Each one is a bit different, but at this one, expect to find some classic tonkotsu-based (pork bone broth) ramen bowls with a twist. The Yuki Matsuri ($13.90) is a Sapporo-style ramen with a pork and miso broth and a generous heap of cheese, while the Nebuta ($18.90) is a mix of tonkotsu and niboshi (dried sardine) broths topped with sliced pork. There's also a Tokushima sukiyaki-like ramen Awaodori ($13.90) that pairs pork with a raw egg.

If noodles aren't your thing, there are a few rice bowls like Matsuri Meshi ($7) with a sunny side up egg, chashu cubes and tobiko roe and Soboro Meshi ($5.50) served with minced chicken. 

Venue Details
Address: Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King - Matsuri, #B1-18A Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Rd., Singapore, 449269 Singapore
Phone: 6440-5548
Area: East Coast Katong and Siglap
Cuisine: Japanese
Open since: July, 2014
Opening hours: daily 11:30am-10pm
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