Ramen Play

The BreadTalk Group enjoys combining different flavors and ingredients; which works fine for its chain of bakeries. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Chinese-meets-Japanese Ramen Play.

We decided to “play” it safe and went for chef’s picks like the Ramen Play Bamboo Chicken. Served in bamboo with a bulbous egg yolk as a dip, the restaurant’s take on the traditional Chinese dish “razor clams” fell short of expectations; the chicken was salty and the raw egg yolk didn’t add much to the flavor. The Misoyaki Pork roll marinated with miso and stuffed with cheese, carrots and asparagus, sounded good in print, but the melted cheese pretty much masked the flavors of all the other ingredients. The restaurant’s Sanpou Shoyu Ramen was interesting as it attempted to add a variation to the broth by availing a “osuimono”-like option for its diners. But this too fell short, the broth was bland and forgettable.

On the whole, a very disappointing experience.

♥ ramen? These get our loudest slurps.