Real Food South Beach

Real Food, the little vegan restaurant chain that produces organic food free from processed ingredients, trans-fat and artificial preservatives, has a new, more upscale branch at the fancy South Beach.

The restaurant has a pretty chill vibe, with white and blue walls, marble top tables, warm overhead lamps and comfy sofas. warm lights located right above them, complemented by grey sofas and chrome yellow cushions. Food wise, they have kept their menu quite affordable and introduced a few new dishes and drinks to the menu. These include the rosemary and garlic hash brown ($10.80), crispy vegan French toast ($10.80) which is made out of organic oat milk and a homemade compote of mixed fruits. They also have pasta with oil of oregano ($14.80) with veggie balls made out of beet and chickpea, curry soup noodles ($12.80) made with organic soy and oat milk and the noodles made from spinach; and the barley mushroom burger ($13.80). Look out for new drinks like the homemade kefirs ($6): ginger-beetroot and lemon-coconut.