Red Eye Smokehouse

Red Eye Smokehouse is one of the newest kids on the block at cafe and bar enclave Jalan Besar. The space here is nothing like what you’d imagine a typical smokehouse to be—it adopts a clean and minimalisitic approach with high ceilings, concrete floors and simple wooden tables and metallic chairs for the dining area. 

The dining concept here is tailored after a no-frills buffet styled approach, so you only have to pay for how much you intend to eat. Check out their signature US Angus beef brisket ($15) that is a grain-fed smoked meat or if you’re a fan of pork, their US chopped pork ($12) that features streaky slices of succulent pork. They also do decadent sides like the pork jowl ($9) and spicy Sriracha chicken wings ($8).

For drinks, expect the usual mainstays like ciders, beers and whiskies ($15-20).

For more options, you can also check out Decker Barbecue.