Rendezvous Restaurant

As one of Singapore’s oldest and most well known nasi padang restaurants, Hock Lock Kee needs no introduction. While the original pre-war coffeeshop is long gone, its modern version retains some old world charm in the wooden table with marble tops, classic wooden chairs, traditional porcelain crockery and antique photos on the walls. The assortment of nasi padang dishes is laid out at a food counter where you order. There is a rudimentary menu on the wall behind but no one looks at it, most people just point to the dishes they want. Choose between curries and sambals, stir fried dishes and local salads. Having eaten here numerable times, we expected the fabulous nasi padang this restaurant is famous for. And while nothing really disappointed, nothing was as good as we remember it being. Everything was OK—we ordered the beef rendang, sambal fish, sambal goreng, stir fried kangkong  and begadel (potato patties). There was certainly nothing old fashioned about the prices despite the restaurant’s age—for what is essentially street food. But this is what happens when a coffeeshop goes upscale—its prices go up. Still, Hock Lock’s reputation sees it through and it remains popular.

Rendezvous Restaurant Hock Lock Kee has moved to The Central.