Restaurant 1827

As we stepped into the restaurant, we noticed its intimate and luxurious atmosphere. Plush upholstery, chandeliers, red walls and beaded curtains make this an excellent setting for private conversations with clients or romantic meals with a new boy– or girlfriend. As we looked through the menu, what caught our eyes were the Western style main course section and the New Age curry section. However, based on the waitress’s recommendation, we opted for their signature and popular dishes. To start, we had curry scented Thai fish patties with cucumber sauce, crispy curry leaves and onion sprouts. Four pieces of fish patties arrived. The curry was mild, and the patties were so small they lacked impact. Our next starter—seared sea scallops with fresh green mango salad with peanut dressing—was satisfactorily tasty. For our main courses, we ordered roast duck curry with caramelized grapes and honey pineapple and 1827’s signature grilled chicken with herbs, tomatoes and cucumber salad. The curry tasted like a beginner’s curry—sweet and very mild. We were disappointed at the lack of flavor and the absence of fresh herbs and spices that Thai cuisine is famous for. We finished off our meal with red ruby with lotus seeds, jackfruit and young coconut and pumpkin custard, pudding and sherbet. The red rubies were a good size and delightfully crunchy, but the shaved ice was too coarse. Looking at the plate of pumpkin dessert, we were not sure which was the custard, pudding or sherbet, and asked the waitress—who didn’t know either. We sorted this ambiguity out ourselves and voted the sherbet our favorite. Overall, while we thoroughly liked the restaurant’s ambience, our taste buds were not tickled by the food.