Restaurant Absinthe

Ooh la la! Could this already be the best thing to have happened to French cuisine here for yonks? Quite possibly. Tucked nicely on the ever‑charming Bukit Pasoh Road, this is a warm, chic joint—its dark flooring contrasting perfectly against the shiny silverware, sparkling white tablecloths and the soft flickering tea‑lights on view. The glass‑fronted kitchen is also visible from the dining area, and the hectic goings‑on within; with the piped strains of soothing jazz lending a little bit of theater to the establishment. There’s a degustation menu to choose from and set meals for lunch if you want something lighter on the stomach and wallet. We hit the à la carte menu and dived into the starters—the superb scallops with sea urchin emulsion, which was flavorful and sweet; and the delightful pan seared foie gras that was suitably rich and hearty. Although the fresh oysters were a bit pricey, we couldn’t help but give it a go and yes, they were so, so good. The mains didn’t let us down either—the bouillabaisse was generously portioned with nice chunks of fresh fish, tiger prawns and mussels—the spicy broth was given a little pep with a dash of what else, but absinthe. And we couldn’t rave on enough about our other main—the spectacular rack of kurobuta pork was huge, with tender portions of melt‑in‑your-mouth meat. We were recommended to have the Valrhona chocolate fondant for dessert; and it was a gooey, warm pleasurable delight—the texture of the chocolate meshed with the accompanying vanilla ice‑cream was simply heavenly. We liked it here; the service was almost faultless—the staff appeared to have honed the magical art of appearing when we want them to and disappearing when we prefer not to have them around. Not only are we more than likely to return, but next time around we’ll try the absinthe too.