Restaurant Labyrinth

The buzz: It’s neo-Sin, European and modern gastronomy touches all rolled into one at this set-menu, multi-course fine dining concept by local talent Han Li Guang. There aren’t many places that put out such fancy fare with equal flair.

The vibe: It’s a dark and modern setting, where a literal small spotlight shines down on your table as you eat. Surrounding you are walls of ingredients and crockery that holds great meaning for Han. Ask him why.

The food: With such a groundbreaking chef at the helm, reinvention is a never-ending process—and Labyrinth is all the better because of it. While well known for mimicry of classic hawker favorites before, the neo-Sin fine dining establishment’s latest offering harks back to the root of Singapore cuisine by shining the spotlight on locally sourced ingredients.

You’ll wanna go for the new 10-course Experience Tasting Menu ($178). Get to try the “Nasi Lemak” Cheong Fun, where free-range eggs and sambal is wrapped in a thin rice and tapioca skin. Then there’s the cute and satisfying Heartland Waffle where your usual void deck bakery style waffle gets stuffed with duck liver pate and goji berry jam. The cheeky “Ang Moh” Chicken Rice—where chicken rice manifests in dumpling form—is worth looking forward to, and is served with chef’s grandma’s secret chilli sauce. The course comes with pre-appetiser snacks and petit fours too.

The drinks: A good mix of Old World and New World wines, with house pours starting at $80 per bottle and $18 per glass. If you prefer, a small range of Japanese whiskies is on offer, namely from Nikka and Hibiki. Or simply add $80 to your tasting menu for a wine pairing.

Why you’ll be back: Just to see what Han has up his sleeve. If history is any indication, the next iteration of his menu will surely trump the current.